Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Santa,

Wanted From Santa For Christmas: Serious boyfriend who is intelligent, funny, caring, compassionate, supportive, attractive, and well-read.

Must dig: movies, books, travel, art, music, good food, cultural events, and good conversation.

Must like wearing clothing like this:

Above: Red/Black Hunting Check Jacket by Woolrich John Rich & Bros.

I mean look at this jacket!

It would look smashing and a bit Alexander McQueen-esque! I would so love to see  a guy wearing this and not have the guy go "No thanks!" on my suggesting a look like this for him when we go out.

Look at the back:

It's just a stunning jacket!

So, Santa, I know you are out there listening some where. Please take note of my request and see if you cannot stir up a guy for me who WOULD be caught dead in this type of jacket my way.



kirstyb said...

let me know how that christmas wish goes xxx

manifolddestiny said...

As Mister Mort said, have you been to New York? This is like every third person I see there.

SnapandPrint said...


I have been to NYC and loved it there. Sadly, I live on the west coats and it is a bit harder to find a guy who wouldn't think the suggestion of a jacket like this as "weird". I would love to live NYC some day but haven't the means at the moment.


Thanks so much. :)