Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What Shoes Would You Pair With This Gown?

Remember this gown:

Above: Silk-Blend Plunge-Front Dress by Alexander McQueen

It looks like this from behind:

Let's say, you were going to wear it to a formal event. Ignore the fact that the plunge may put you off wearing the dress because you are not that daring. That is besides the point.

The point I am making?

What shoes would you pair with this dress?

I love the dress and it got me thinking about this very thing since the colour of the dress is so intense and not the usual formal occasion colour. I know it needs heels (possibly platform heels to make sure the dress hangs right) but, am not sure what heels to pair with it. Something unique or strappy? Silver, gold, black, or another colour?

What shoes would you pair/wear with this dress?


Casey said...

Something flesh toned, maybe even with AB stones at the toes (just make sure they will not snag). The important part is that they are neutral in color and super sexy. :)

WendyB said...

I feel like I'd go for silver. Or strappy black satin. Anyone who wouldn't want to wear that dress, btw, is crazy :-) Love it.

Isa said...

I think the color of the shoes depends on what color the jewlery is. Oh yeah, I am Isa, I have a blog all about fashion... please check it out, here is the site

Thank you

SnapandPrint said...

Silver in a dark silver maybe...or black satin. Good ideas. I am thinking strappy heels because the foot would want less confinment in that dress.

I agree...I would love to wear this dress! It may sacre people off with the deep plunge but I love it.

SnapandPrint said...

Casey- Flesh colour with a bit of flash may work as well. Satin or silk tends to snag so I probably would skip the stones or anything on a shoe (besides a buckly or two) that would run the dress since it is so long.

Good idea on colour though.

Gemstone Jewelry said...

Make it look teaming with some dark shade, like black with pencil heels with overtones of gold or bronze!!

I think that would sure rescue of this dilemma of yours. :)

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