Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random Fashion Items I Love.

I have happened across some clothing/accessory items I love while playing around with my stylefeeder. I am going to share them now with you.

Above: Spear Necklace by Pade Vavre

The necklace really looks good on a living, breathing, person:

Just simple and great looking with a scoop neck or off-shoulder top.

Or maybe a shirt like this:

Above: Mega Wide Organic Cotton T-shirt by Bassike

I love the shirt's flowy look and the off-shoulder style as well. It just looks comfortable and classy at the same time. Now that I own a great strapless bra...I am more willing to wear this sort of shirt.

I am really lking this hat:

Above: Stormy Earflap Cap by Eugenia Kim

It is a bit too spendy for me, at $176 but, I would so wear one like it if I found a similar style for cheaper. Even in San Diego it would be great for those early, winter, mornings at the beach or out and about before the marine layer burns off.

Above: Sweet As Can Be Wrap by Francesca's Collections

The wrap is lacy, long enough to use over tees, short-sleeved, and would actually look good with so many different outfits. Even when teamed with the grey knit cap that I posted above this.

This shirt is very cool with it's design and colours:

Above: Darcy Blouse by Diane von Furstenberg

It looks comfortable and goes well with jeans teamed with a pair of wedges. Olive green is my favorite colour and I love it teamed with black.

Above: Short Leather Necklace in Turq & Brass by Victorian Hippie

My love of turquoise continues though this time teamed with leather and brass. I would definitely wear this necklace often.

And why not end the post with a pair of shoes I would love to own?

Above: Blue Suedette Ankle Boot by Forever 21

I love the blue and I love the side zipper. These boots would be so much fun to wear!

I may not be a big fan of a lot of the Fall fashion that is out in the stores but, I can find some items that would be fun to own. I could mix any of these fashion items into my existing clothing wardrobe to "refresh" it this Fall.


WendyB said...

Don't step on my blue suede boots!

SnapandPrint said...

The boots just rock my world!