Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dress Possibility #1

Since I will be in NYC on NYE and be going out...I will need a decent dress to wear out and about.
Something like this:

Above: Women's Cowl Neck Dress by Hype

I am not into sparkly or tacky looking night-out wear. At my age and with my looks that just screams "dated" or "trying too hard".

This dress has that plunge that says "I am going out to party" and looks very "me" in style at the same time.

Above: Farther away view

I am thinking it would work with a good pair of boots (which I have) as well and strappy sandals (which I have). It could also be put under a coat and scarf for running around in the cold night air on NYE.

Above: Back view

The minus is it is $180 dollars! That is a bit spendy but I do NEED a decent party dress.

I will be blogging dress possibilities until I find a dress I like for NYE in NYC....where I go out to dinner, see the ball drop (though not in Times Square), and hit a few parties.

Feedback welcome!


WendyB said...

So do you have New Year's plans already? I'm having a party, and you'd be invited of course!

SnapandPrint said...

I have the friend I am staying with making all sorts of plans...but OMG! Thanks so much for the invite...I may or may not take you up on it depending on what the friend can put together.

You rock Wendy!

WendyB said...

Of course, you could bring a guest to the party!

kaycerenee said...

LOVE the dress!!

SnapandPrint said...

It definitely is sticking in my head...I need to check out locally what is offered and keep this as a option as long as they have my size.