Friday, November 14, 2008

Purple Dress and Charm Bracelet

I have been looking for NYE party dresses that suit me and my style. Not having a lot of luck with that at the moment besides this one which I have already written about.

I guess I will have to comb Macys, Nordstorm, and Cues in town to see what is offered there since they are the only real "fashion" stores in this small city. I am expecting a lot of over-priced, sequined to an inch of their life, tacky dresses at all three places since that is what passes for "party attire" here.

On my wanders through the Internet world looking at dresses for NYE, I found this dress:

Above: Grace Kelley Dress in Plum at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

It caught my eye because of the styling and the buttons on the sleeves:

How cool are those buttons?

The back view is also quite pretty:

The dress also comes in black

Above: Grace Kelley Dress in Black at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

I just think the purple colour is a lot prettier.

And it would go pretty nicely with this bracelet as well:

Isabelle Charm Bracelet in Gold at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

At $61.00 the dress is not going to put a huge dent in the bank account. The bracelet is a steal at $11.00. I am definitely ordering the bracelet.

The dress...I am not sure where I would wear it at the moment since I spend most my days/nights in front of the computer working with Photoshop on photos. I suppose I should wait to buy clothes like that until I get moved and my social life restarts.

Still I love the dress and adore the bracelet.


Sarah Von said...

That *is* super cute! It looks sexy and stylish ... yet comfy! Like I could maaaaybe drink a lot of eggnog while wearing it :)

SnapandPrint said...

Yeah, they are super cute...I am just not feeling them for party I continue on my quest for a NYE outfit...even though the first one I posted sticks in my mind the most.