Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a Glamoramapuss.

I was wandering around online and discovered a really cool site called Glamoramapuss.

Above: Bird in Garden Necklace by Glamoramapuss

I am loving the bright necklaces there with all the detail that they have to them!

Above: Sea Life Necklace by Glamoramapuss

I am just in awe of the small little shells and coral in that necklace. I think this one is my favorite of the necklaces because I have always been in love with the ocean.

Above: Balance Necklace by Glamoramapuss

The Buddha head is gorgeous as well. Perfect for those into yoga and eastern art.

Above: Big Blue Bouquet Necklace by Glamoramapuss

There are also great bracelets , earrings, and a Storybook Collection of necklaces at the site so swing by, check them out, and purchase if you are inspired to.

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Glamoramapuss said...

Dear SnapandPrint,

Thank you for featuring my work on your Blog. I am really flattered and appreciate you giving me the - If You're Into It "Bump."- Have a fabulous day, Dahling!

xoxo Glamoramapuss