Sunday, November 02, 2008

NYC on NYE Maybe?

I am pondering heading to New York City for New Years Eve and a few days before and afterward.

A friend in NYC has offered their futon couch as a place to crash and said I could "stay as long as (I) like".

It is tempting because I have never been to NYC and having a place to crash makes a visit cheaper. I would just have to pay for my food, transportation (subway + cabs), entertainment (when I don't get in places free), and airline ticket. The not having to pay for a hotel makes it so I can stay longer and not have a huge bite taken out of my bank account for lodging.

So I am pricing the airline tickets but if they are above $500 I will postpone the trip until later in January.

See, I want to visit NYC but not spend heaps of money because I need to save most my savings to move within the next two months. So, the pricing of airline tickets and feeling anxious about buying them happens for the next few days. I always get buyers anxiety when it comes to expensive things like plane tickets.

So we shall see if I head in that direction...everyone says I should "go for it".

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