Saturday, November 01, 2008

W...T...F Sci Fi Clothing.

Okay I was on Browns website today and found these fugly clothes that have me scratching my head and going, "WHY!!!!????"

Above: Metallic leggings by Pam Hogg

Okay, you may be saying....they might be cool in a "50's sci fi/spacesuit leggings" sort of way...until you see how they were styled by the website:

The added the t-shirt by the same designer and one of these ugly necklace choker necklaces by the same designer:

Above: Patent choker necklace by Pam Hogg

Maybe if you are Goth or dress extremely funky all the time it would work for you in a "so tacky it is cool way".

But gets worse!

Above: Superwoman top by Pam Hogg

" cute!" you may be thinking, "It looks okay to me"...just wait for the back view.

Yes, you are seeing right...the top has an attached CAPE! And it is paired with the leggings! Yikes!

But gets worse!

Above: Metallic jumpsuit by Pam Hogg

UGH! Yuk! WTF???!!! It's hideous!

"Maybe the site will find a cool way to style it for everyday use because I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to wear a 50's sci fi jumpsuit!" I thought.

Boy was I wrong...


They styled it with a black clutch purse, strappy sandals, and one of Hogg's disgusting chokers????? They have to be joking with people!

I cannot see where you could possibly wear any of Hogg's designs (except for the t-shirt on its own)!!!! They are truly tacky, dated looking, and too 50's sci fi movie costume for regular wear. Maybe if you wanted to pay couture prices for a Halloween costume it may work but, to style things like the jumpsuit with a clutch purse? OMG! How tragically funny!

I can see what the designer, Pam Hogg, is attempting (and enjoy her creativity) but, it just doesn't translate to real world wear.

Keep it ON the runway, please!

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WendyB said...

Hilarious post! (and clothes)