Friday, November 07, 2008

Street Fashion Photos and Models!

I have always been loving street fashion and love when people take photos of it.

As a photographer, I have long wanted to do this myself but I just do not live in the right place for it since Spokane, Washington isn't really a "dress-up to go out shopping/for the night/ect" place. People here always suggest Walmart as the number one place to buy clothing...enough said.

I have started to try and take street fashion photos and I will share one of my first attempts here:

Above: Dana, Downtown Spokane, Washington

I love her use of the scarf and how even her Puma bag is colour coordinated. Her hair also just rocks!

I ended up using Dana for a photoshoot:

Above: Dana, Sept.2008 by Shadownlite Photography

She was just a great model and I enjoyed taking photos of her.

I cannot wait to move so that I can take more street photography because I love doing it...and it can get me models for my photography.

Check me out at Modepass and add me there if you are a member. :)

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