Monday, August 08, 2011

Back To Blogging After SDCC!

I am back from San Diego and had a lovely time at San Diego Comic Con!

Since being back there has been a house guest from Japan and I have been trying to schedule photo well as worrying a bit about money.

Still, SDCC was fun! I actually sat this close to the stage during the True Blood panel!

Above: My closeness during the True Blood panel. LOOK! Alexander Skarsgard!!!

Yes, that is Alexander Skarsgard at the True Blood panel. He was not listed as being on the panel and was there. the place went CRAZY when he came out on stage to take his seat.

Above: From the large screen...look at how tan Alexander Skarsgard is!

The panel was great as was all of Comic Con. If you are curious about all my photos taken there, check out this link:

And now to get all settled back into my real life and get a few photo shoots scheduled.

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