Friday, August 12, 2011

Please do not use it besides a use.

I should mention Saya, the Japanese group escort/translator who stayed with us. You can glimpse her in my photos of a trip to Green Bluff HERE. She stayed with us for 3 weeks with the high school group (with teacher) were in the area since the group all gets "homestay" with host families while they are in town. They come every year for 3 weeks to experience American culture and practice English, have an American experience really.

Makio, the Japanese teacher with the group did not stay with us due to his pet allergies. My family did, however, drive him to activities and my parents gave him a ride to class each day. He gifted my family before leaving with many Japanese items. I ended up with the Japanese house slippers.

The Japanese house slippers
Above: The house slippers in all their glory. I will be wearing them.

The best part of the slippers?

The mangled, English, instructions on the back of their tag!

Engrish instructions to house slippers
Above: I love these "instrdctions"!

My favorite instructions I have gotten on an Asian product recently! I had to share them because they amused me so much.

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