Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer activities and distractions.

The Fall fashion magazines are arriving in the mail in all the glorious thickness. I am starting to pour over them and love things that are shown in photos within the covers of the likes of Elle and Vogue.

Sadly, I am tapped out when it comes to money so will not get to indulge in buying any new Fall clothing items this year. It makes em sad since there are things I would love to own but I am also sure I can make it through with the clothing I own at the moment from past years. I do wish I owned more than jeans though but I will make it through with just jeans.

It is funny how being broke really makes a person see how much they already own and how the worry of paying bills trumps buying anything but the essentials. I guess I am one of those people that only spends when I know I have cash coming into my account at a semi-regular basis. This is a good thing and it's time for me to be a bit frugal and not buy things that are unnecessary.

I have been distracting myself from money issues by looking at magazines and online to see what fashion appeals to me this season. I have also been getting out of the house more and trying to amp up my creativity because that is the road to happiness for me.

Above: Flower photo by me (click photo for larger size)

As an example of things I have been doing recently. I spent a day in Manito Park taking flower photos, chatting with my friend Maria, and eating at the park's Manito Park Bench Cafe. It was a wonderful day and I did get a bit sun burnt but it was so worth it. I took many great images while there.

Above: The Japanese Garden's bridge at Manito Park (click photo for bigger size)

I am hoping to incorporate a lot of the flower/nature images I took into the painting I am currently doing. More on that in a future blog post.

Above: Thistle Flower by me (click photo to see bigger size)

Distraction can be a lot of fun and heaven knows many of us need that right now. I will continuing to head out and do fun things at least once a week until life starts to ease up on the economic side.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer and getting excited about the fashion coming out for Fall.

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