Sunday, August 14, 2011

Get in my wardrobe, now.

I need these things added to my wardrobe.

Above: Crochet Sweater Poncho w/ Hood at Forever 21

I love ponchos and the open crochet style, colour, and the fact that this poncho is hooded really appeal to me.

Above: Cozy Knit Pullover by Forever 21

I love slouchy, comfy, pullovers because they are perfect for those days when I just prefer comfort over being very dressy. I would wear this pullover around the house on those days when I wanted to get out of my pajamas into clothes to hang out in.

Above: Strappy Suedette Cuff by Forever 21

I saw an upscale version of this cuff with silken cords instead of suedette straps at Cues downtown. I so wished I had the money for that version but, like a lot of people, I am having to watch every cent recently. This Forever 21 version would be fine and captures the spirit of the cuff I saw.

I am not picturing myself doing a lot of shopping this Fall. I am sure I will be relying on what I already own and trying to mix and match outfits from my closet. It should be fun and a bit challenging at times since I love to shop but haven't the money to this year. I am going to be doing a ton of loving things from afar and not buying them.

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