Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Days And Cool Finds.

I have been M.I.A. for the last few days trying to revamp my photography website and cooing over my new business cards I got from

I still have some work to do on the website which is a slow process but so needs an overhaul. That should keep me busy this week because I want to have the website up to date so I can start handing out my new business cards.

I have also been enjoying the Flight of the Conchords whose season is wrapping up next weekend. Last episode ever which makes me sad. But...I get to see them live in May in Seattle! I have been wanting to see them for 2 years now and will get the chance finally!

I Told You I Was Freekie"- Flight of the Conchords

I am currently taking a break from all that I have mentioned and this means I have been wandering the "What's New" section of clothing sites and I thought I would share some finds that really stuck with me. It's much more fun to share what thrills me in clothing, shoes, and accessories than keep the finds to myself.

This shirt is beyond cool:

Above: Cross Back Bubble Bottom Tunic by Silence & Noise

It looks like nothing special you think? Check out the back!

Above: Back view of tunic.

I love the cross has such a pretty look to it and adds so much to the top.

Then there is this GORGEOUS necklace:

Above: Coco Necklace in Silver/Black by Fiona Paxton

That is so huge, gorgeous, and has a "Native American" feel to it with the beading and design in the beading. It looks great with a black tee as you can guess from the photo and also comes in a gorgeous gold colour:

Above: Coco Necklace In Black/Gold by Fiona Paxton

It makes it hard to decide which I would get if I were to buy it. Both colours are great and I only lean toward silver because I wear a lot of silver jewelry.

Then there was the discovery of these rock star worthy boots:

Above: Metallic blue embossed snakeskin 'Misha' ankle boots by Charles David

Which I love the graduated colour of and the "Cowboy Boot" nod the style has to it. So cool in metallic blue!

Then there is this jacket:

Above: Cocoa leather asymmetrical zip motorcycle jacket by Marc New York

I have a classic motorcycle jacket I got for my 18th birthday back when I was punk rock but, I am way past that phase in life and this would be a great alternative. It is feminine and simple in cut. I love the brown colour as warm toned.

And finally....these graffiti boots:

Above: Black calf 'Madison Tag' boots by Christian Louboutin

I love the graffiti print on it and the fact that Louboutin's trademark red under the heel is there. So cool!

Okay, enough with the sharing of cool finds...time to get back to to website revamping and Twittering.


Krystal said...

i love the necklaces

Alice X said...

mmmmhm, i loove the shirt's back.

SnapandPrint said...

I do too! I am going to keep an eye out for a 'cheaper" version in my wandering in Seattle.

Kat said...

I love those boots and necklaces! Why do they have to cost so muchhh!! Ill wait for some knockoffs haha.

SnapandPrint said...

I am thinking with the necklaces....they could be sold where Native American jewelry is so I will keep my eye open for a deal.

The boots...I would check Cutesy Girl and Amiclubwear online. They sometimes get cheap knockoffs of high fashion shoes.