Monday, March 02, 2009

Sandals On My Mind.

I have been surfing the Internet, looking at clothing websites to see what has come in for spring.

I keep finding myself drooling over sandals. No huge surprise since I am a confessed "shoe girl".

I must have "Sparkly! Me wants!" disease today because these sandals just thrill me:

Above: Maya Sequined Platform Sandals by Jeffrey Campbell

They are sparkly, they are beautiful, and, oddly enough, they have Velcro closure.

That last makes me pause in thinking of buying them because we all know what Velcro looks like when it starts to wear out and how it gets harder to "stick" the closure shut because of that. $115 for sandals with Velcro closure? That just doesn't seem right. They are pretty though.

These sandals:

Above: The Creature Sandals by LD Tuttle

Are a nice pewter shade and and have a buckle closure at the ankle strap. they also look sturdy and like they are build to last. Of course, the price tag is higher at $620.


They would be mine if they were cheaper.

And lastly, I found these sandals:

Above: Metallic Sage Banded Platform Sandals by KORS Michael Kors

I love how cleanly designed they are and the pewter colour. They are spendy as well at $375 though.

Someday, I will be able to buy shoes like these but today is not the day. Unfortunately. So, I will just drool and dream.

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