Thursday, March 19, 2009

So Hard To Find "Cool" In My Size.

I am back to blogging here after caving in and ordering a new bra I want to share.
The bra:
Above: Tan leopard satin trimmed underwire bra by D&G

I have needed a new bra for a while now. The ones I own have the elastic starting to poke out and look all worn-out with the "pilling" the fabric is doing.

I really have to search because I am smaller in cup/bra size and most stores do not carry my size in a adult woman looking bra. Cheap bras at stores like Target and Walmart do not fit me...unless I want a bra resembling a training bra that a tween would wear. They just carry bras in either one size larger or two sizes larger than I wear. Those bras would fall apart quickly anyway if they were in my size or not fit correctly due to where they are bought.

I usually have to shop online at Victoria's Secret for my bra needs since the stores rarely carry anything good in my size (again I am smaller in size) and if they do, it is just bland looking styles/colours.

I got a hold of the leopard print D&G bra after contemplating a bit long and having it sell out due to a sale at I cursed my waiting too long and then...24 hours was again in my size and still on sale so got it for just under $30! The same it would cost me for a Victoria's Secret bra!

So, I am excited about my purchase and am now watching to see if this bra:

Above: Purple satin underwire pushup bra by D&G

Ends up going on sale because I love how it looks as well. *Crosses fingers*


miss vintage love said...

Leopard print is so timeless, I love it.

SnapandPrint said...

I have a hard time finding bras that I like due to size. I am so happy I found the leaopard print. Now if the purple would go on sale as well. :)

Anonymous said...

You may want to try Figleaves, they have a VERY wide selection of sizes and styles.

SnapandPrint said...

Unfortunately, a lot of the bras at Figleaves are way too bland! I am no longer 14 and needing a "training bra" and most of the ones in my smaller size at that site are bland.


When will designers understand that just because a woman has a smaller size does NOT mean she wants bland/training bra looking bras!

Anonymous said...

What's your current size?

SnapandPrint said...

I don't disclose sizes on the internet when it comes to breasts. Too creepy.