Thursday, February 03, 2011

Painting Time Ahead!

I am about to start on a painting. Yes, and acrylic painting on canvas, not walls of a room.

I started my college years studying the fine arts. I loved being in the art building all day and really loved my acrylic painting class. The instructor of that class loved my work, he really encouraged me, and I always looked forward to that 4 hour block of my day. Yes, the acrylic painting class was 4 hours long and that really seemed way too short on time to work on the paintings.

My favorite painting I did in that class was this one:

Above: My painting of a VW with human personality being admired by Sims, the Siamese cat camera hog.

The assignment was to give human personality to a car. I just love the colours I put to use in the painting, as well as the texture which doesn't translate in the photo, and, one day, it will hang on the wall of my own place. Right now, it sits in storage since I am living in one room.

I switched my major to Photography after being utterly disgusted that the only thing the Fine Arts program prepared anyone for at the community college I went to was to go and study to be an art teacher. I am not of the teacher personality or mindset yet the instructor that was suppose to mentor me at the art building kept pressuring me to go into that line of work. I packed it in as a fine arts student 10 credits from a Fine Arts degree and switched to photography because at least in that course of studies, they didn't try and mold you into art teachers.

I have painted off and on over the years since my time in the Fine Arts program and always feel so relaxed and "in my element" when I am painting. I haven't gotten to paint as much as I would like in recent years due to limited space where I live. I also have been caught up in the world of photography.

At the beginning of the year, a long time friend decided to redecorate his home and asked me if I still did paintings. I asked why and he said he wanted me to paint something for him and he would pay me for it. He even offered to pay for the paints and canvas as well as the painting when I completed it. I said, "Oh hell yeah!" and yesterday I went to the art supply store, bought paints and canvas, and now am trying to decide how abstract I will go with the painting I have in mind. I will set brush to canvas tomorrow night to lay down the background.

I am stoked!

So, if I seem a bit quiet these days it is because I am buried in the world of art and creativity. I will try and post as often as I can but I can lose track of time when I get painting.


Charles said...

what a cute cat + lovely painting! Lucky you being buried in a world of art and creativity. Wish I was too. Thanks for sharing!

SnapandPrint said...

Thanks Charles!

It is a good way to pass the cold, snowy, wet, days of winter. I have ahd creative juices bubbling in me without outlet and now I have that. :)