Monday, August 04, 2008

Eye-Catchers From Recent Fashion Site Crusing.

I have been rather low-key recently due to wrapping up my photoshoot and planning my next photography projects. This doesn't mean I haven't been roaming the fashion world on the Internet. I have.

Some items that have caught my eye and I want to share?

Above:Ophelie Mary Jane in Zebra/Black Contrast by Pour La Victoire

They are the PERFECT zebra print heels! Just enough black leather (patent leather as well) to mute down the zebra print so it is not over-bearing and tacky.

I love my animal prints but I like my animal prints "in a cage" and not screaming, "Look I am dressed like an way past date, street walker!" These heels fit the bill.

And then there is this delicious trenchcoat:

Above: Hitchcock Leather Trench by Diane von Furstenberg

It is so chocolate-y in the colour of the leather and very 60's spy...or 60's in Paris.

I can imagine wearing and wandering around a big city in the rain. It's just the perfect trenchcoat.

Then there are these boots:

Above: Open toe boots by Marni

They may be spendy at $1,070 but look at the cut-outs! So cool!

They are peep-toe, tall, leather boots! I would have so much fun owning and wearing them. Curse you expensive tastes!

And this 1920's inspired coat:

Above: Embroidered Tibetan coat with fur trim by Alexander McQueen

Brightly coloured and the fur trim is so long and furry!

I can see this on a silent screen actress as she steps out of her roadster. Just gorgeous!

Yes, even when I am busy, I am cruising the fashion sites and clothing websites letting beautiful/funky fashion catch my eye.

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WendyB said...

Those Marni boots are hot!