Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Which I Make Future Goals.

I have been thinking a lot today about what I want out of my life into the future. I have so much I want to do and see in life. I am finding out I am ambitious but not quite sure how to reach the goals due to lack of resources. Still, I will tell a little about them here and my hopes for reaching for these goals in the next 5 to 6 years.

My Work
1. I want to have photo shoots in Leavenworth, WA and Wallace, Idaho because they have wonderful buildings for backdrops.

2. I want to start working on getting more paid photography gigs and photo shoots.

I have had this drop down to zero and need to work on building up my business. I am happiest when doing what I love and with all the work I put into it, I should start charging people more often.

3. I need to get a new camera and photo equipment.

My camera is older (2005) and I need a faster camera and one more up-to date. I need a flash and other equipment so I can do more with my photography.

4. Work on a movie set!

I have long wanted to work on a movie set (or TV show set) and need to head toward this goal. It doesn't matter what I do as long as I am behind the scenes helping with the creation of a movie/show.

1. I need to have more confidence in my work and ignore the fact that most people do not give me feedback.

I need to not expect them to and just do what I love. Not let the lack of response hold me back from doing what I love.

2. I need to get back to painting in acrylics.

I know I lack space and light in my room but I need to get over that and try to work in the space I have despite how lacking in creativity it makes me feel. Painting makes me happy and I need to embrace that.

3. I would love to have my own studio, away from my place of residence, so that I truly have nothing interfering with my work and I feel the "going to the place of business" feeling.

A place where I can get as messy as I want in my work and has lots of light. Somewhere that feels like workplace and not a living space.

4. I need to keep evolving as a creative person.

Stagnant is not a good thing.

5. I need to keep working on the superheroes/villain project and expand what I am doing with it.

1. I need to get a part-time job.

This way I have steady income and won't stress over bills when they come in.

2. I need to pay off my student debt.

It is not as huge as other people's but it keeps me living at my parent's house and not able to save up to do things I want to do. It would be a huge lift off my shoulders to not have this debt sucking money out of my pocket/bank account.

3. I need to move my banking to a credit union so the bank stops sucking my money out of my account due to having under $1000 in checking.

4. I need to work on making what I love (art and photography) help out in my expenses.

1. I want to travel more.

I want to be able to have this freedom and not just dream about it.

2. I need to not just plan and dream about but start to travel outside the US.

3. I want to go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights, in the wintertime.

4. I want to be able to afford to go to San Diego Comic Con each year because I enjoy it.

1. I want to find the right guy for me who meshes with my life, what I want out of life, and whom I am attracted to.

No more wasting time on guys who don't suit me.

2. I would love to get married to that guy I mentioned (when I find him) so that part of my life is settled and I don't feel "always searching for the right one" anymore.

3. I need to make more friends that bring positive influence to my life.

4. I need to get out and hang out with friends more.

Friends help keep me energized and creative. I need to remember that.

1. I need to move to a big city.

That move will help me become more successful with my work/creative endeavors and also make me feel more like myself. Living in small town America setting is a life killer and future killer to me. That needs to change. Which big city? That is open to which ever city suits me and offers me the chance to live in it.

2. Live within the city limits.

I have long ago learned I am not a "suburban loving" person and need to stop living in the suburbs.

Random Stuff
1. Write more postal letters.

I used to write a lot of them in the past but have fallen out of the habit. I love writing postal letters and need to get back to doing this.

2. Work on my novel more.

I have kept putting it off despite having ideas which I jot down and plot out in notebooks. I always let my worry about being horrible at writing stop me form actually writing and that needs to stop.

3. Say what I feel more often.

I used to be so bottled up and never said what i felt in worry people would take it the wrong way, ignore it, or take offense. I am going to say how I feel more and if people think that makes me too blunt or unpleasant? So be it. I am not going to be rude since I do have a "filter" and manners...just not "go with the flow" as much to not cause problems and if something bugs me, I will say it out loud.

4. Cook more often.

I love to cook and use new recipes. I need to do this more often because it is always fun for me.

5. Take more chances.

I used to be super cautious in life but have slowly started taking chances in my life more often and always find it makes my life a lot more rich and full. I need to keep doing this.

6. Read, read, read.

I love reading books and it is a great stress relief for me. I am going to continue to read a lot and keep checking books out from the library to do so.

I am sure there is a lot more I want to plan for my next 5 to 6 years but this seems like a good start. I am in the "reinventing my life/self" mode (and have been for about 4 years now) and I am enjoying finding out about myself and what I want out of life.

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