Monday, March 10, 2008

Jewelry Goes X-Rated

I am debating whether to post this picture of my most amusing fashion find today.

Hmm should I just post the link...or the photo as well.

What the hell..I will post the photo small:

Penis Drop Pendant by Vivienne Westwood

Yes, you read that right and are not seeing things. It's crude, naughty, and, well, funny as hell. I had a good giggle over it today when it showed up in my "Stuff You Will Love" at Sadly, I do not love it but it does make me smile.

It is just what I would expect from the ever funky/naughty Vivienne Westwood whom I love a lot but also have to shake my head at how much she pushes the envelope of fashion.

It made my day to come across this because I badly needed a laugh.

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