Friday, May 30, 2008

Damon Albarn Saved Me From Being An Old, Dusty, Goth.

I am getting ready for my leaving to Seattle tomorrow and listening to videos on Youtube...and remembering my huge crush on Damon Albarn, lead singer of blur.

My crush on Mr. Albarn drug me out of the world of Gothic kids and brought me to the wonderful world of "Brit Pop in the 1990s". He saved me from turning into those old, dusty, Gothic people you see who are way too old to be dressing like they do and who seem mentally off. Or at least Albarn, blur, and all the other brit pop bands helped me with a swift exit from a lifestyle I was fast outgrowing,

So, I will share his cuteness that saved me from the dark side in four Youtube videos:

*Sigh* So cute! Those intense eyes in the "Beetlebum" video.

Doing his best Alex from "A Clockwork Orange" in "Universal".

And being snarky as usual in "Girls and Boys" video.

Singing one of my favorite blur songs, after "Beetlebum", in "Parklife".

*Sigh* I am all nostalgic tonight and want a cute guy like Albarn in my life.

Anyway, off I go to get packed for Seattle.

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