Friday, June 20, 2008

Music Post: Like It's 1994....

I was in a major retro music mood today...and indulged it beyond blur. It made me day seem brighter so all was well in my world.

I thougth I would share the songs that made my day fun:

The Happy Mondays: "Step On"

This song always makes me dance around like a fool...or like dancing band member, Baz. You will see him in the video...dancing like a bird who cannot quite get off the ground.

The Stone Roses: "Fool's Gold"

I have always loved The Stone Roses. Great retro sound to their music yet it was modern as well.

Elastica: "Stutter"

I wanted hair like Justine's (the lead singer) and got it 5 years ago. I have since changed my hairstyle but still love the look...and this song.

Pulp: "Common People"

This song just rocks. William Shatner (Yes, that William Shatner.) did a verison of this song that is also good but nothing beats the original.

Suede: "She's In Fashion"

A bit later in release but just as good and always makes me think back to 90s.

The Verve: "Bitter Sweet Symphony"

I could easliy name this my favorite song of all time. And a fitting way to end this blog.

Fashion is music and music is fashion.

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