Saturday, June 07, 2008

So Many Gorgeous Shoes!

I was wandering around the Internet tonight and have come across so many beautiful shoes. I just have to share!

Above: Silk sandal with bow by Christian Louboutin

Are so gorgeous! They even help me get over my dislike of pink in my wish to own them.

They look even better when teamed with this dress:

Above: Flower print short dress by Marc Jacobs

Just beautiful and I love the site that is selling both the dress and shoes (both made of silk) thought to put them together!

These shoes are also wonderful:

Above: Leather court with rouched effect by Dries Van Noten

They are like a mixture of 1920s styling with modern. I love the rouching and way the straps are attached! The tan colour of the leather is also beautiful.

The green colour of these shoes:

Above: Wicked Asymmetrical High Heel Sandal by KORS Shoes

Make me renew my love of the colour green.

These great bronze shoes:
Above: Sandal with ankle strap and sculpted heel by Christian Louboutin

Are very 1930s in styling with the sculpted heel giving it a modern touch. Wow!

So many great shoes out this season. It makes a shoe-loving woman like me wish I had a huge bank account so I could run out and buy them all!

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