Saturday, September 10, 2011

Much love for this product!

I have struggled for years with my wild eyebrows that have hair that grows in odd angles. It doesn't matter the thickness, the hairs point all over the place. I admit to using hairspray (sprayed into hand and applied by fingertip) to control them and have the lay correctly. That is, I used hairspray until I found this product by Avon.

Above: Brow Gel by Avon

This product gets my eyebrows under control! It also doesn't make the eyebrow hair stiff. It lasts all day, is colourless, and even seals the brow pencil to your face a bit so it doesn't wear off as easily. I even wore it out in 90+ degree heat and it kept my eyebrows under control.

I highly recommend it and will not be going back to my hairspray trick as long as Avon makes this product.

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