Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Body Butter Love: Whipped Up Body Butter by mark

Spokane has a very dry climate. I am sure that must surprise many people since Washington state has the reputation of being rainy. The rain mainly falls on the west side of the state and Spokane is on the east side. So, the air can be very dry since we could be classified as "high desert" except it is a desert of pine trees and lava rock. This leads to a lot of parched skin since the air is less than moist. I end up buying a lot of different moisturizers because of this.

I recently gave mark's Whipped Body Butter a try and really like it.

Above: Whipped Up Lemon Sugar Body Butter by mark

It has a nice, non-greasy, feel to it and makes my skin very soft. It also seems to lock moisture into my skin. It has a pleasant scent that can be a tiny bit over-powering at first but lightens up shortly after you apply it. You really don't need a lot of the product for coverage so a little dab goes a long way.

A really nice thing? It is only $10.00 so it doesn't cost too much.

Right now the only scent available is the Lemon Sugar scent but soon a Pear Blossom scent in this product will be released.

I definitely give this product a thumbs up.

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