Saturday, October 01, 2011

Supergirl! Violin Player! More!

I have been a bit busy recently and unable to update my blog. Boo and hiss at me if you must but it is true.

What have I been up to you ask?

I have been working on my superheroes/villains project, trying to pull together a hanging of my macro flowers photos locally, house sitting/feeding a neighbors cat, and worrying about paying bills since I am broke. So, yeah, I have been busy and rather scattered in my thinking recently.

I am currently editing photos from a recent photo shoot and will share a photo from one I had in the later days of August.

Above: Mary O as Supergirl by Brie A. Edwards

I have a few superhero/villain shoots this month and have time for to paying portrait sessions as well. Hopefully, I will find a few interested parties who would like to pay me for photos.

Other than that I have been reading quite a bit now that I have re upped on my library card. I have long loved the library, even though I love to buy books, because I can read anything without having buyer's remorse if the book is not good. They also have the option to put books on hold through the online site so I can just run in and pick them up when notified. Huge plus for me since I can pick up the books I want while running errands.

I have to mention I won a North Face jacket in their Spokane store opening Twitter contest. It is windbreaker in style and will be good for those warmer days when it is windy/drizzly. The jacket is waterproof as well which is a huge plus. The jacket should come in handy for heading out on photo shoots here where the weather can change in minutes.

When I was downtown on my errand to pick up the won jacket yesterday, I happened upon this electric violin player who was playing right outside Riverpark Square.

Above: Electric violin player, downtown Spokane, WA- Sept. 2011

He was quite good and I listened to him while waiting for my ride to pick me up. He was making quite a bit of cash from his street playing because he was really good, as in "should put out a CD" good. I wish I had caught his name but I didn't have a chance after he was mobbed by listeners between songs.

Above: Violin player getting mobbed by listeners between songs.

My ride showed up soon after I took the above photo.

So, now you are caught up with my goings on. I will try and update again soon since I am taking a lot more photos these days and like to share them.


WendyB said...

I like Supergirl's hair!

SnapandPrint said...

Her hair is gorgeous! She made a great Supergirl, with a lot of sass!