Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tank Girl in October.

I had a final October Superheros/Villains/Comic Character shoot with Amy as Tank Girl.

Above Amy as Tank Girl by Brie A. Edwards

Amy was a lot of fun to shoot and is an make-up artist and is in the film Knights of Badassdom (Yes, this film was shot in Spokane!) that is coming out soonish. She has a smaller part but gets to kick all kinds of demon ass in the film.

I got to try out a new location for the shoot and may use it in the future because the old buildings are great background. I have only just started to explore the area and there is still other parts of it that I want to try as backdrop in photos.

I have another shoot I am editing for this project that I beat the snow by shooting on Sunday, Nov. the 13th. It was cold as heck but I managed to get some great shots. Cannot wait to share an example from the shot here after I am done editing.

 I will take a break for the Thanksgiving holiday and then see if we cannot get some lasting snow that I can use as backdrop in future shoots.


Bonnie said...

She looks like she would be a makeup artist. She is really gorgeous. I bet it was a great shoot.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

SnapandPrint said...

It was a greta shoot!

I just had another for this project and will post a photo from it when I am done editing.