Thursday, November 10, 2011

Willard Asylum Suitcase Project by Jon Crispin.

I was doing a bit of wandering around online tonight and came across this wonderful project that the photographer Jon Crispin is undertaking.

He is raising money to fun this project on Kickstarter (and you can view the video about the project there since it will not embed correctly!) and hopes to maybe share it on completion as  a book or some other form of artistic medium.

I would definitely buy a book of these images since these suitcases show who the people were through their personal effects and most of them never left the asylum after entering it. As a lover of history seeing these photos he is taking of the personal belongings really fascinates me. It also gives you a look at who the people were before/as they were overtaken by mental illness.

I am so glad to come across this project and hope that Crispin is able to publish a book of his images of the suitcases sometime in the future.

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