Saturday, January 07, 2012

Evolution of the Superheroes Project.

I started the Superheroes Project in 2010 after talking to a comic book artist friend who was interested in working with a photographer who would take photos of people so he could convert them to drawings and show the process in a book.

I figured why not give it a shot and if all else fails, I can do the photo portion of project on my own and maybe offer it as a photography style along with my portraiture. Halloween always is a great time of year to take photos of people who want to pose in costume so I could always have that as an option in my photography business.

I did a lot of test shoots and I will share a few photos from them here.

Above: First test shoot of Leigh-Anne done in Sept. 2010 by Brie A. Edwards

I was trying to get a style down and explore concepts to get something I could build off of in future shoots. This was my first ever shoot for the project and this was the image that sticks out in my mind. I wish the buildings were taller in the background of the photo but it was a difficult location to get to for the model and for me to shoot since I had to shoot up while balanced on rocks. I had a lot of "trial and error" during this shoot and learned a lot while doing it.

I then set up another shoot and shot a model that I have used before in different locations downtown to get an idea of if certain locations would work for the shoots I was planning for the projects.

Above: Second test shoot result of Lexi by Brie A. Edwards

Lexi did not have access to a costume at the time of the shoot so I took photos of her to test out locations because she is a fierce pose thrower and super easy to work with as a model.

From there I built on what I learned in the test shoots and got to where I am today with the project.

Above: Rebecca by Brie A. Edwards

I hope only to expand on the project and improve with posing/location in the future as the project continues on into 2012.

If you live in eastern Washington and are interested in posing for me (or having me photograph you), let me know through this post. I am always looking for people who are interested in posing in costume for this project.

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