Monday, May 14, 2012

Photographing a Gladiator

I have been buried in editing these past few days as I try and get done with the last photo shoot so I can start planning new ones.

Yes, this would be the "Gladiator shoot" and it went quite well after realizing Bloomsday was going on that day downtown so having to switch location to Manito Park. Even the park was quite busy so we got a lot of strange looks due to loincloth costume wearing model. It was a nice, warm, day so perfect for a photo shoot making the other people easy to ignore.

Above: Gladiator David by Brie A. Edwards

I am hoping to use David as model again, Not often you meet a body builder who doesn't mind posing in public in costume. I want to photograph him downtown near the Romanesque pillars with his real looking sword (Sparatcus replica) that he just bought.

Now, to get back to editing photos from this shoot.

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