Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Photography Project!

I have started a new blog project which will feature photographers' work from all over the world.

I made the first blog post tonight:

I have 3 other photographer friends that will be posting at this blog and will be trying to get quest blogger photographers involved as well. It should be quite fun and I am hoping it will grow, and evolve as it does so.

Yes, this is what I have been organizing the last week or two and it is finally moving forward! My friend Nek in Greece is to be the next blogger of photos and she is very excited!

I will keep everyone updated on new posts to the blog and everyone cross your fingers and toes for me that it continues to progress forward.

A sneak peek at one of the photos I posted there:


Noelle said...

I LOVE that photo! Beautiful colors. Good luck with the new project - I have another photographer friend I'll mention it to.

SnapandPrint said...

Thanks Noelle!