Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And the sky is is fashion.

I have found I have fallen in love with the colour/shade grey. I used to find it boring but now, I am drawn more and more to it and keep adding grey items to my wardrobe.

I am drooling over grey clothing, shoes, and accessories I find online (mostly at ) as well.

Like what you ask?

Above: Versace dark silver/grey croc leather tote

The Versace bag is so shiny and beautiful. It makes me wish I had the money to buy it because it would quickly become a favorite of mine. be rich and be able to buy designer items to add to my wardrobe. That would be the life.

Above: Yves Saint Laurent grey felt "Rainstorm" lug boots

I actually saw the YSL boots in a store and felt the "Ohhh shiny!" gravitational pull from them. I need to find a pair just like them because they look so comfortable and so modern.

Above: Chloe grey patent leather dual-strap shoulder bag

The Chloe bag looks like it would be very versatile and great for an "everyday" bag. The patent leather dresses the grey up a lot and the dual-strap adds so many possibilities to the bag's usage. It would go with so many things in my wardrobe.

Above: Stuart Weitzman grey tweed "Expump" platform pumps

I don't know who decided to use grey tweed in shoe construction and design but I am liking it. It looks clean and casual.

Above: Calypso grey satin wrap front "Pearl" blouse

The Calypso blouse just screams to be worn out on the town...maybe on a stop at the martini bar or a nicer restaurant. I like the almost metallic sheen the blouse has.

These are just a few examples...that I am currently drooling over...of my love of grey clothing items. I just had to share.

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