Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pops the Cork...

I was wandering around the Internet...and found these sandals:

Above: Stuart Weitzman "Spring Fling" cork sandals.

I wasn't so sure about them at first because, well ,they are cork. The more I looked at them, the more I grew to love them. The cork has to be comfortable, as a material, because it is quite soft. The styling of the shoe is also beautiful and they would be wonderfully lightweight. If I saw them in a store at a reasonable price, I would definitely buy the sandals.

Then I wandered around a little and noticed something...Weitzman is not the only designer to be using cork in shoes right now. Michael Kors is as well:

Above: Michael Kors "Ala Moan" cork sandals

Not to mention the many designers who use cork as the base of their sandals this Jimmy Choo:

Choo doesn't take it totally to extreme like Weitzman, nor do any of the other designer is have seen, except Kors. They tend to keep the cork as the base of the shoe. Weitzman uses it for the whole shoe:

Above: Stuart Weitzman "Key West" studded boots

Weitzman seems to love the material, cork, and use it to make whole shoes out of with only a bare minimum of metal and leather added.

So, I will be keeping an eye out on this trend because it seems to be growing and I am stumbling across more and more shoes online using cork as a shoe material.

*Goes back to drooling over those Weitzman cork sandals*

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