Thursday, August 13, 2009

"That's SO Weird!!!!"

Fashionistas who set their own style have heard the phrase "That's SO weird!!!" at least once in their life from a friend, family member, or stranger. Usually referring to an item of clothing that not everyone is wearing and stands out in a crowd. I know I have heard this phrase many times in my lifetime.

What the "That is so weird" people do not realise is that item of clothing that stands out that you are wearing? It has a 50/50 chance of slowly becoming the new "must have thing" for everyone and their grandmother in a few months time. The mere fact it attracts attention is in favor of this happening.

So, it pays off to be daring with fashion and take fashion chances. Who cares if what catches your eye looks weird to a large fraction of the population? Who cares if people notice it? I mean, isn't that the point? To get noticed in what you are wearing?

I have always been attracted to the eye-catching and unique. It is just how my personality is and fashion sense runs. I take HUGE chances sometimes and wear things that the average mall shopper would laugh at. The amusing thing for me is to see all the copycats that spring up (sometimes) at a later date wearing the exact item of clothing they had deemed "weird" or "strange", and possibly even laughed, at a few months prior.

Now, it's time for my show and tell.

Without further adieu: The odd things that have caught my eye online that I would snap up if I saw them in my shopping travels and they were affordable for me.

Above: Mongolian Shearling-Trimmed Vest by Fendi

I know, I's so over-the-top looking. I love the shearling trim and the stitched border on the vest. It is in my staple, neutral, colour I buy for clothing, grey. Just look at how it looks on an actual human being:

Gorgeous! So gorgeous that it has sold out (currently) on the website! I am not the only person to notice it and decide they loved it.

Above: Women's Koi Fish Ring by Noir

The koi ring caught my eye because it is silver, shiny, unique, and the koi is damn cute! I would wear this ring and make it my "statement piece" for an outfit. It is sure to catch people's eye and to get comments. I know it caught my eye.

Above: Eskimo Sheepskin Boots by Mou

The stitching along the edge of the boots caught my eye. I also love the Eskimo style of the boots. They look comfy to wear and very warm. I want them!

Above: Women's Flutter Sleeve Top by Aryn K

This emerald green top just screams: "Retro 1930's!" Love the flutter sleeves, the gorgeous colour of it, and the belt. I would wear this out on the town in a heartbeat and probably catch many people's attention in it.
Above: Ile Ste. Marie Straw Tote by Mad Imports

The bright, summer-y, colours caught my eye. It is the type of bag that you would carry with you to the beach, while shopping, or while visiting a Greek island. I love the stitching and the use of straw. It's beautiful.
Above: Women's Circle Cut Out Long-Sleeve Top by House of Cassette

It's not so wild you think? You would be surprised how many people avoid patterns and prints that are bold and would draw attention to them. I am all for bold and attention grabbing. I love the off center stripes in the cut-out on the front of this top.

Above: Large Studded Ring at Urban Outfitters

It's a heavy looking, substantial, ring. It is studded and has that slightly antique look to the silver tone. You have to be bold to wear something like this that so obviously gives a nod to punk rock.

Above: Coltrane Ruffle Edge Tote in Black By Twelfth St. By Cynthia Vincet

I love the slightly Scandinavian feel this tote has with it's embroidered design. If you carry it while out and about, you are sure to hear people comment on it.

So be bold, be gutsy, and if it catches your it, wear it, own it! Then keep an eye out to see who else ends up wearing it a few months down the road.


WendyB said...

It's like you read my mind -- that's ALWAYS what I try to explain to people. The classic little black whatever -- dress, purse, shoes -- is damn BORING in a year or two. Who CARES if you can wear it forever? You can get one just like it the very next year, and the year after that and the year after that. To me the investment piece is something MEMORABLE.

WendyB said...

P.S. the vest reminds me of this:

Vyque said...

Aww, heart the fishy!

SnapandPrint said...


I buy the basics but then always buy things that catch my eye and are "weird" that I know that I will wear. I have been this way since I was punk rock as a just is a lot more fun!

Buy the basics by all means but have some fun as well! If you have fun with fashion you may just start a trend. :)

I heart the fishy as well. :)