Friday, August 07, 2009

Fall Is Just Around The Corner.

August is here and the Fall fashions are taking over in the stores. Yep, Autumn is just around the corner.

I am set for Fall when it comes to coats, gloves, and hats but found some that I would definitely like to own if I had the extra cash for them.

I have a huge love for grey pea coats and trench coats. I love the "light neutral" of the colour and even bought one this past winter for myself which I love to death.

Above: Scoop-Pocket Knee Coat at Alloy.

The one above, I would definitely buy if I hadn't because it is stylish, just long enough in hitting above the knee, fully lined, and stylish. It's only $99.90 as well which is a pretty decent price for a coat like this.

I love knee high boots for winter. They keep the snow out and shins warm. I own many black pairs in leather or suede myself but found this pair:

Above: Humvee Grey Flannel Knee High Banded Boot by Blowfish.

I am so tempted to buy them! I love the "buttoned up" look of them, that they are flannel, the dark grey colour, the side zip for on and off, and the price is not bad at $74.50. The "shoe girl' inside me is drooling over them even though I really do not need them.

I have many, many, beanies and hats but this one caught my eye:

Above: Jasmina Pom Hat by Diane von Furstenberg

It is way out of my price range at $150.00 but, if I saw one like it in my wanderings of stores and craft fairs, I would snap it up! It's slouchy (which I love) and has that huge pom on it. I also like the colour palette used in it. Definitely a gorgeous hat!

I have quite a few scarves but this one really catches my eye:

Above: Sheep Scarf from See by Chloe

Yes, there are sheep in the design but you don't notice them at first. I love the warmth of the tan colour in contrast to the black of the sheep...and it is reversible so you can have a black scarf with tan sheep and border! It spendy at $160.00 but very cute.

I bought fingerless gloves at the tale end of winter last year....and love them because they free up the fingers for finding change for the bus, fumbling for credit cards for quick purchases, and doing many things that fingered gloves make impossible.

Above: Leopard-Print Gloves by Christopher Kane

The above gloves are a more spendy ($245.00) than my fingerless gloves but look at that leopard print! Grey leopard print really appeals to me! They also look so well made and are cashmere! Very cool!

Ahhhh, if I only had the money to spend I would be out there looking for great fall/winter things to keep myself toasty warm in the cool months.


WendyB said...

I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of a gray jacket from my designing friend Christian:

I like how it has the colorful belt so I don't have to make my own effort to liven it up!

SnapandPrint said...


I started getting into grey as a neutral about 3 years ago. Now it is my "got to" neutral when buying clothing items.