Sunday, September 19, 2010

Buried in the world of photo editing.

As the title of this blog implies, I am currently buried in the world of photo editing. I need to get done with the editing of the two shoots I did last week. After I complete that, I can pick out one or two photos form each shoot I have done and re-edit them to my liking for colour saturation and look I desire. Then I will submit them to my friend to see what he thinks. Then I cross my fingers and hope for the best that the project will be green lit.

Yes, all vague and not telling much about it. I don't want to talk it up too much and then have nothing come of least in this form.

I am seeing a lot of things that catch my eye while out and about taking photos of models. I tend to take snapshots of the thins that catch my eye.  I think I will share some of them with you so that you can have a tiny view into what I see around me here in Spokane, Washington.

(Click photos to see them larger)

Riverfront Park, Spokane, Wa

View of Riverfront Park Wooden Bridge

Otis Hotel Sign On Cloudy Day

Riverfront Park Clock Tower

Skate Shop Front, Spokane

Funky, Werid, Car

Above: That car is always in varying states of the adornments falling off it. The person who owns it, and has made it a bit 'dinosaur', obviously drives it. My model, Orion was snapping a picture with his cell phone.

August Sunset

Driving At Night

Above: Taken out an open, moving, car window in late August on a hot evening.

I am enjoying getting out of the house and hope to take more photos of random things as I continue to do photo shoots with my models. I also have a 'fun day out with cameras' planned with a photographer friend where much snapping of random photos will happen. I will try and share some of those photos as well when it happens.

Now, I should really get back to editing the photo shoot photos...or head to bed. Whichever calls most strongly to me in the next half hour.

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