Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Retro Gorgeous At Forever 21.

I have been haunting Forever 21's website recently because things can be interesting and inexpensive there.

Today, this dress caught my eye on the website:

Above: Retro Maxi Dress by Forever 21

I had a moment where Gollum from LOTR's voice said, "My Precioussssssss!" in my head as I looked at it. The problem? I am tall (5'9") and slim so size small would fit my curves but not my height. Size medium would be too baggy. So, I am holding off on buying it because of this, and the fact i have nowhere to wear this dress at the moment to justify the buying it.

Above: the back of dress

It is so pretty though. It just makes me sigh and wish that I could get it and have it fit right.

Someone buy it (or try it on) and tell me how it fits! I am curious to know the fit of this dress and the nearest Forever 21 is 45 minutes drive from my home.


Anonymous said...

wow that's pretty far! i like it a lot but don't think it would look good on me...i'm more of a pattern mixer than sticking with one big pattern. the sixties are really coming back in dresses and blouses, huh? i dig it. xx

SnapandPrint said...

It's more 70s than 60s and 70s styles look good on me since I am tall and thin. I can not justify traveling that far, hoping the store has it, and trying it on at the moment.

At least Spokane has a Forever 21...we don't have an Urban Outfitters, H&M, or stores like that. Why I shop so much online.

chloe said...

Hi, I looked at forever 21.com and it says that the Models height is Five Feet and Eight and a half inches tall and is wearing a size small. Hope this Helps.