Monday, September 20, 2010

When My Friend, Need, Keeps Poking Me.

I seriously think I need this top:

Above: Ruffle Tier Tunic at Forever 21

The little voice in my head I call "Need" keeps poking me that I should buy this pretty, shiny, pink, tunic before it sells out despite the fact I have told myself "No new purchases until I have money coming in more smoothly than I do now."

Need keeps telling me, whispering in my ear even, that I could wear it out on yet unscheduled dates that may, or my not happen, or to night's out when I travel to San Diego. Need tells me that I have things in my wardrobe that go with the top and that I can wear with it.

I try and tell Need that I cannot afford even this top at the moment and he whispers, "You own a credit card. Use it." Yes, Need is very sneaky like that, always trying to find a way around my "no."

Will I give in or just sit and wait for the tunic to sell out so I can lament how I should have bought the top before it sold out? Only time will tell but right now, I have that internal argument with my friend Need and hope that I can wrestle him into submission.

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