Friday, May 06, 2011

Ouch My Feet!

I received the new Urban Outfitters catalog in the mail and these shoes just jumped out at me from the pages:

Above: Cutout Oxford Wedges by Jeffrey Campbell

Now, I am a lover of funky, unique, shoes but these? How the hell do you walk around in them without your poor feet screaming in pain after the first few minutes?

They have zero arch support so the whole time you walk in them the middle of your foot gets to flex in an uncomfortable way while your heel and ball of your foot hits the surface of the inner sole.

I am imagining my feet screaming for release from these shoes after a short walk across a mall or to the mailbox and back. I can see of no way these can be comfortable unless you spend the whole day sitting and only walking a few feet in any direction, and not often.

They just do not seem practical in even the slightest way to me and I know my feet would agree. I am usually a lover of Jeffrey Campbell shoes but lately? Most his designs look sore foot inspiring since they appear to be designed for women who never walk anywhere but are carried instead from place to place.

Has anyone slipped these babies so they can report on the comfort of them to confirm or deny my suspicions?

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