Monday, January 07, 2008

Confessions of a Shoe Girl

So I was wandering around the internet this past week and drooling over shoes.

Yes, I am a shoe girl.

The type that thinks, "$159 is affordable, really." as she drools over shoes that she wishes her bank account would allow her to buy.

I have always been a shoe girl and it shows if you take a peek under my bed and into my closet.

The shoes that caught my eye online recently?

Above: Zinc Tanya Knee-High Red Boots

The boots above have a knit fabric and suede upper. They remind me of Lapplander clothing and just catch my eye. So beautiful and you can find them here at:

The next shoes just make me want to squeal like a 14 year old girl. They are that cool to me.

Above: Black Modernized Swedish Clogs by Asa Westlund

Above: Grey Modernized Swedish Clogs by Asa Westlund

I discovered Asa Westlund while randomly rating on and went to see what she had to offer on her site. I was instantly in "shoe girl heaven". Her modernization of the clogs is so beautiful and wearable....I just wish I could get myself a pair...especially the grey ones.

To see what I mean you have to see her site: Asa Westlund There Goes The Neighborhood

Ahhh the shoe girl in me now smiles and is happy that she shared her recent shoe finds.

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