Monday, January 14, 2008

Flight of the Conchords Is Fashion.

I have to start off this blog by saying:

I am hit by computer woes as I try to move into a new computer...VISTA is giving me headaches because it won't acknowledge my high speed connection. Tech support is no help because they are clueless about it probably will take all month for this to change and me to be on my new computer. So, my blogs will be few and far between for a while.

I guess I am ahead of the crowd in using VISTA.

I am going to discuss my newest fashion influence in this blog.

The Flight of The Conchords:

Above: Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement are styling.

The guys of "Flight of the Conchords" are dressed in what is obviously thrift store finds when it comes to clothing in the show. If it isn't thrift store it definitely is meant to look like it is since they play "struggling folk/rock./comedy duo" on the show and the "struggling" means they are not rich.

Whoever is dressing these guys for the show rocks!

McKenzie wears various, silly, cutesy, shirts with designs of cute kitties or deer on them...or the striped sweater in the above photo. Clement wears button down shirts, old leather jackets that harken back to the 1970s in styling, and great glasses. Very cool and very NYC.

I also love the clothing the various guest stars wear on the show. The ruffled blouses on the girls, the bohemian NYC look through and through that teases you that it may be high fashion, but it may be a thrift store find as well. It makes me want to go out and search the thrift stores for wonderful finds and make them my own. Too bad the local thrift stores are so picked over and pathetic.

I am finding myself attracted to clothing that resembles something someone on the show would wear. That's how cool the show is too me.

Flight of the Conchords will continue to spark the "thrift fashion" bug in me and make me laugh. It just thrills my soul in so many ways.

And yes, my blog here is named in homage to one of their songs.

Flight of the Conchords are fashion.


Anonymous said...

They are very cool.
Being from NZ myself tho it's pretty gutting that I cant find any of Bret's wicked wool jumpers for sale.
I guess I'll have to search the 'thrift' shop...

SnapandPrint said...

They actually have them made...the ones with the animals on an online shop. I wish I could remember the name of was talking about in Entertainment Weekly magaizne a few months back.

Ben said...

The ubiquitous black, red and grey stripey one is actually from H&M - I've got the same one myself.

The animal print ones are all available from Urban Outfitters or Pop Boutique in the UK.