Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two Celebrities Looking Shockingly Good.

I was roaming the Internet and came across these two photos today that shocked me with how good these two people look in them:

Above: J.K. Rowling, author of "Harry Potter" series.

She is styling in her paisley print coat and her pink dress. Her bag is coordinated with her outfit and her shoes very understated. Most importantly...she is dressed age appropriate! Something that is ever so important!

I was surprised at Rowling's smart outfit and then I came upon another shockingly well dressed woman celebrity...and I mean SHOCKING:

Yes! That is Paris Hilton! The heiress who usually is barely dressed and looking very "stripper" in outfit choices. I know, my jaw dropped too!

Look at that cute, grey, coat-dress with the huge button by Yoana Baraschi! Look at her wonderful green clutch bag! the cute hairstyle. The understated make-up! The satin headband! The non-orange skin! She is pulled together and stylish!

Why can't she always dress this classy?

Sometimes celebrities can surprise you with their good fashion choices.

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