Sunday, January 27, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again: 70's Style.

Yay! I am all moved into the new computer and ready to start posting again. What a hassle that was....if a company (Microsoft) is going to start selling all new computers with VISTA Windows...they need to have all the switch-over bugs worked out and moving smoothly. Seriously.

But now for fashion...

In the last month I have noticed a trend toward 70's style fashion, only updated. It fascinates me because the 70s were a time of my early childhood and it makes me feel all nostalgic to see items like these sandals:

Above: black "Fondue" wedge sandals by Stuart Weitzman

Those sandals just remind me of the sandals my mum used to buy me when I was 6. They had the same chunky straps and buckle, were usually brown, black, or red leather, and very comfortable. the only difference is the Weitzman sandals are wedge heels and my childhood sandals were flats.

Another trend is the 70's flare jeans:

Above: Siwy Anita Stretch Bootcut Jean

Yes, the jeans make it look like the wearer has a huge ass...but what is wrong with that?

They are very similar to the ones my babysitter used to wear when I was little...the pair I used to wish I had myself. I get flashback images of my these huge flare jeans, high heeled leather/wood sandals, tight fitting deep v-neck t-shirts, and 70's Farrah Fawcett hair.

Even the sweaters/cardigans are taking on a 70's edge:

Above: Open Knit Hoodie by Free People

The sweater reminds me of the cool sweaters the next-door-neighbor lady used to wear over her deep v-neck t-shirts. Huge wooden buttons and all. I am liking that.

And the yummy, Native American influenced, silver jewelry:

Above: Sterling Silver Cephalopod Ring: Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry

I have a similar ring, at least in style and shape, except the stone is turquoise. Loving the big Native American jewelry! So very 70's.

So, everything old, becomes new again. Fashion travels in a circle. All is well in the world.

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