Sunday, October 17, 2010

Found: The Perfect Stay-Put Eyelining Pencil.

I am one of those people with the eyes that do not show much upper eyelid. This means that eyeliner pencils tend to smear on my upper lid (and vanish from where they are suppose to be along the eyeline) so I have to wear liquid eyeliner to avoid that. I had all but given up on eyelining pencils because of the mess due to the shape of my eyes. It is just a smeary mess minutes after I apply the pencil eyeliner.

Then I gave mark No Place To Run eyeliner a try:

It stays put! It goes one smoothly and smudges just enough to achieve the "smokey eyes" look. I tend to wear my eyeliner "winged" (like in the 60s) and this eyeliner is perfect for that! The eyeliner doesn't transfer to my eyelid, the wings stay put at the corner of my eyes even if my eyes water, and it stays on until I take it off. The best thing? I can wash it off with soap and water.

Big thumbs up to Avon and the mark line for making this eyeliner!

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