Monday, October 25, 2010

Things I Need To Add To My Wardrobe.

I completed my seasonal weeding out of my wardrobe, getting rid of too small or worn clothing items so that I can see what I need to purchase. It was quite fun to sort out the clothes I own because I hadn't been able to part with things the last "seasonal sort" but felt better about letting them go this time around.

After the shrunken t-shirts and worn clothes were put into the bag to send to Goodwill, I found some "holes" in my Fall/Winter wardrobe that need filling. The colder temperatures and rain have added to this need.

I need long, solid colour, socks like these:

Above: Opaque Knee High Socks by Forever 21

Or in natural colour, super soft, style like these:

Above: Supersoft ribbed socks by GAP

I need the socks in similar styles in natural, grey, brown, and black. I have so many socks in wild patterns, stripes, and designs that I am needing socks that are a little more "tame" to wear over tights with short skirts.

The annoying thing is these styles are impossible to find! They either sell out or are not carried by the local stores. I cannot figure that out since Spokane is suppose to be more conservative in style. I can find long socks in rainbow stripes or silly bunny patterns but not oatmeal colour knee highs! It baffles me.

I also am looking for cardigans because I looked in my wardrobe and saw I own only two. I use cardigans to wear over t-shirts so I stay warm in winter. I used to own more than two but the knit tends to unravel, pill beyond repair, or the cardigans shrink after many washes when cotton. So I need to replenish my cardigan collection.

I really want this one:

Above: Slub Open Cardigan by Cotton Emporium

It looks comfortable but the fact it is 100% rayon is a bit of a downer. A bit ironic as well since the company that makes it is called "Cotton Emporium". I am trying to stay within a very strict budget so I have to buy "cheap" at the moment so I suppose beggars cannot be choosers.

This style is also appealing:

Above: Ruched Front Cardigan by Forever 21

I love the ruching and the 3/4 sleeves on the cardigan. The dark grey colour also appeals to me.

This one is classic:

Above: Boyfriend Pocket Cardigan by Alloy

I would get a lot of use out of it but wish it were more tightly fitted to the body. I like fitted styles because they look sleeker.

I am finding it hard to get that perfect cardigan. One that isn't "trendy" so that it will be out of style in a season. There are so many handkerchief style cardigans out now and they just do not suit my body type or style sense.

Why does it always seem that the exact style I want is not available or easily obtainable? It is maddening to search all over for a pair of socks or a well cut cardigan that doesn't break my bank account. *Sigh*

So, I will be continuing to look for socks and cardigans. Hopefully, I will find some that suit my tastes and style soon.

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