Friday, October 15, 2010

Time To Overhaul The Wardrobe.

The weather has turned to autumn and the leaves are turning colours, as well as starting to fall form the trees. The cold nip to the air has me digging out my scarves and socks.

Fall always makes me feel the urge to clean and get rid of excess so I am eyeing my wardrobe and deciding it needs an going through. I have some old clothing that needs to be donated to charity or thrown away if too worn. I have this planned for the weekend and hope that it shows me what I need to replace or get when it comes to what I wear.

I am also working on setting days for photo shoots with a few models. Yes, I am still working on the project and hoping to use people's costumes they are buying for Halloween for the shoots. Everyone cross your fingers that the shots solidify and are not canceled after being scheduled.

And, to play out this blog post, a song that reminds me of the Pacific Northwest in Fall/Winter

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