Saturday, October 30, 2010

Winter Weather Minded Already.

My brain is flashing forward to days of snow on the ground and cold temperatures. It is telling me I need to get some warmer clothing to close the gap in my wardrobe and keep warm this winter season.

It makes me love cardigans like this one:

Above: Queen of the Chess Club Cardigan at

A cardigan that looks well made, comfortable, and cozy. I could throw it on over my t-shirts and be super warm in it.

It makes the shoe girl in me drool over boots like these:

Above: Devin09 Knee High Boots by Wild Diva

Boots that look cool yet perfect for cold weather. In this case I am not the only one who loved them since they have sold out at

I guess my mind is better prepared for the weather change than my wardrobe is. I may have to take tiny steps to remedy this.

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