Wednesday, January 26, 2011

3 blouses I would love to own.

I was wandering the Internet, looking for fashion inspiration, when I came across three blouses that would fit nicely into my wardrobe this spring.
Above: Silk crepe beaded dolman sleeve blouse in mushroom by Chelsea Flower

I love the neckline and the beaded sleeves on the blouse. The colour fits in to my wardrobe which is a lot of grey, taupe, and other neutrals. Most importantly, the blouse looks light-weight and comfortable which is very important to me.

Above: Silk draped neck lace-up detail blouse in safari by Robert Rodriguez

The blouse is in my favorite shade of green and I love the lace-up detail on the shoulder straps, as well as the draped neck. It is a casual top for warmer days which spring (I hope) will have. Definitely modern in look which also appeals to me.

Above: Black chiffon mirror applique layered tank by Robert Rodriguez

This tank I would definitely wear when going out. It has a casual yet dressy look to it with the grey tank underneath the more fancy mirrored chiffon layer. I love the mirrored appliques a lot and the deep scoop of the chiffon arm holes. Just beautiful.

It is fun to see what spring holds in store for fashion and it makes me look forward to the temperature warming up so I put away the coat, hat, scarf, and gloves.

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