Monday, January 10, 2011

Similar dress for less.

So, you have been eyeing the kimono style dress in bright prints at Revolve and other sites online.

Above: Kimono Dress by Akiko

I know I have been giving this dress the glad-eye and pondering if it would look good on me. The minus? It costs $151.00 and that is way out of my budget.

Well, today I was looking around clothing sites and came across this dress at

Above: Island Romance Red Floral Dress by Collective Concepts

It is similar in style to the Akido dress but a lot easier on the bank account at $59.00. I actually like the print on the Collective Concepts dress a bit more.

You can get a similar look for less if you just keep an eye out and check what other stores/websites have to offer. You just have to have to be patient and keep looking. It can be very rewarding when you find what you have been looking for and save a little money.


Anonymous said...

ooh! I actually like the second one better, the colors really grab ya. Kimono style is awesome. xx

SnapandPrint said...

Charles, I totally agree with you. The print on the red dress is most interesting to me as well and the pattern does grab out at you!