Sunday, January 02, 2011

De-Cluttering and Organizing in 2011.

I have decided that this year I am going to aim to de-clutter my life and get it more organized. I have been living in one room and it is really getting cluttered with stuff. Most of this clutter I do need but it is starting to close in on mea bit and I need to really focus on de-cluttering this room so my mind has more room to roam and be creative. I hate the fact I am stuck in one room but I have to make do for now and this means I need to make choices on what I am keeping and what I just don't need anymore. I do not want to be stuck with bags and bags of garbage when I eventually end up packing and moving like I had when I moved to San Diego in 2002.

This means:

- I am going to get rid of those clothes I never wear.

I know everyone one has at least one or two items of clothing that they hold on to thinking they will wear it in the future. I need to let go of one or two of mine and some are things that no longer fit. Just lighten the load so I can have room for things I will need to replace.

-I need to get rid of books I no longer want or read.

These I will probably attempt to sell on since getting even a few dollars back on books that are in perfect condition but just do not want anymore is always a good thing. I have lots of books so it won't make a huge dent to sell books I will never read again but it will free up some space, hopefully.

-I need to throw out random bags (from stores), odds and ends, and papers that have no use to me anymore.

I hate feeling like a pack rat or hoarder so I need to look through everything and get rid of what I no longer need. I just have too much excess stuff that I don't ever use. It needs to go.

-I need to organize things better.

Get stores containers for some things. Sort through others and straighten the piles left behind. This extends to all parts of my life. My organization skills are so lax right now and I am finding it is having an effect on my mental state to have turmoil everywhere.

-I need to revamp my website and possibly change it's URL.

This will be a huge deal and I will focus on it more as the month carries on. It is something I need to do because things are in limbo with my site at the moment and I need to fix that. I also need to consolidate and sort through images...burn photos to disc and off my hard-drive. Revamp the business side of my life so it gets more creative again.

-I need to take a hard look at the people who are in my life.

I am getting a bit tired of people who are negative and unsupportive constantly nagging at me and expecting me to fit their boxes of how life should be and people should be. I have a few too many of these people in my life. I need to keep the positive friends/people and make more positive friends. People who see the world as a wonderful place, have fun, and have more good days than bad. All while letting go of people who cause stress and negativity in my interactions with them. This is very important because my life has enough drama and turmoil in it from time to time. I really don't need the added stress of someone who is negative towards me, disrespectful, or unsupportive to me. Yes, it sounds a bit harsh but it is something that needs to be done.

Hopefully, this will led to me having more free space to tap into my creative side and less stress getting in way of productivity.

Yes, a serious, unfashion related, post from me. People are posting their New Years resolutions and I figured I would post my New Years plans since I refuse to call anything a "resolution" since not many people keep those. Next post will be more on subject and about fashion. I promise.

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